Orange oil liquid dish soap (not for dishwasher) (4000ml)

Orange oil liquid dish soap (not for dishwasher) manufacturer & Supplier
Price per Unit: (USD$)19
  • Price per Unit: (USD$)19
  • Mini Order:6 bottles
  • Delivery:22

This product made from simple detergent based and scented by orange essential oil.

1L bottle.

La Morongo Co. Laboratory use natural essential oil to create skin care, perfume, and daily product. Use as less chemicals as possible, bring you close to nature.

Product Specifications

1. Minimum order is 6 bottles.
2. Shipping fee is not included. Taxes not included.
3. All products are FDA approved.
4. Packaging includes UPC/EAN barcodes.

Contact Info
Company Name:La Morongo International Trading Co.(Manufacturer)
Contact Person:Dr. Angela Hsieh
Business Address:5F.-2, No.106, Meihe St., South Dist., , Taichung, Taiwan
Web Site:

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