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La Morongo Essential Oils for Body & Hair (Three perfume set)

 La Morongo Essential Oils for Body & Hair manufacturer & Supplier
Price per Unit: (USD$)19
  • Price per Unit: (USD$)19
  • Supply Capability:Wholesale Price 300 bottles (44.7USD / set ) 3000 bottles (26.45USD / set ) 1. Minimum order is 300 boxes (different flavor allowed). 2. FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING (Ship by sea). Taxes not included. 3. Packaging includes UPC/EAN barcodes.
  • Mini Order:6
  • Packing:6
  • Delivery:22

Relax is a body oil derived from olive oil and sweet almond oil. It is accented by lavender and Patchouli essential oil.

This body oil may be used as a massage oil, or simply to relax your body. In addition, it may be used as a hair oil to repair damaged hair.

Use with Lavenda perfume to intensify the smell.

Before/in taste: lavender; after taste: patchouli

Product Specifications

1. Minimum order is 6 cases.
2. Shipping fee is not included. Taxes not included.
3. All products are FDA approved.
4. Packaging includes UPC/EAN barcodes.

Contact Info
Company Name:La Morongo International Trading Co.(Manufacturer)
Contact Person:Dr. Angela Hsieh
Business Address:5F.-2, No.106, Meihe St., South Dist., , Taichung, Taiwan
Web Site:

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